At A&M Enhanced Lawncare Inc, we are a full-service lawn and landscaping company with 13 years of business and 20 years of experience behind each job. We understand each yard, and each job needs different services and maintenance to thrive, which is why we inspect and service each job and each call individually.

We have the experience and the ability to make any yard or garden a peaceful place that fits your family’s needs. Just because you do not have the time to garden like your neighbor does not mean you can’t have a wonderful yard and garden yourself. Whether it is seasonal maintenance and care, weekly maintenance and care, or a one-time job, we will make sure your yard and landscaping are customized to your home and needs.

Our Services:

Lawn Care

Serving Williamson County, Franklin, Brentwood, Springfield, Fairview, Nolensville, Nashville, and the Surrounding Areas. Did you know that a 50 foot by 50-foot plot of healthy grass creates enough … Read More... about Lawn Care


Serving Williamson County, Franklin, Brentwood, Springfield, Fairview, Nolensville, Nashville, and the Surrounding Areas. Landscaping and gardening make the outside of your home beautiful. Still, … Read More... about Landscaping

Lawn Care

Lawn Care

A green, healthy lawn is the bed of every picture-perfect home. Our lawn care service ensures that your lawn is healthy and cared for even when we are not tending to it directly. We not only take any yard and convert it to your dream lawn, but we also provide services that help keep it that way without constant care.

Our Lawn Care Services Include:

  • New lawn placement
  • Lawn Removal
  • Grading
  • Resloping
  • Seeding
  • Irrigation Installation
  • Irrigation system repair
  • Residential and Commercial Services
  • And more


If your landscaping needs some attention or just bought a property, an initial landscaping job can be overwhelming. Even just the yearly maintenance of lovely landscaping can be a handful for the most novice landscaper. So whether it’s a big job or helping you get your green thumb before the flowers sprout, we are here to help.

Our Landscaping Services Include:

  • Foliage Trimming
  • Sod Installation
  • Irrigation
  • Land Clearing
  • Planting
  • Mulching
  • Decorative Stone
  • And more

Why Choose Us

  • Large or small, we do it all. Whether you need a total yard renovation or want the lawn mowed and everything in between, we are your one-call grows-all when it comes to yard and property services.
  • Our attention to detail and design is unmatched. We provide clean landscaping lines, healthy plant placement, and more. We don’t want your landscaping only to look good when we are finished. We want it to maintain its beauty throughout the growing season.
  • Innovation for your surroundings. Even if you are working with a small space or an unlevel area, we can provide you with the advice and services to use your space efficiently so you get the most out of your yard and landscape.

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